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Rouse Up, O Young Economists of the New Age!


The Dance of Albion, William Blake

By the late 19th century, the British empire was on its knees.

It had suffered defeat in proxy wars at the hands of nationalist leaders like Lincoln and Bismarck, it was losing Eurasia in its “Great Game” against Russia, and the power of the sea was waning in the shadow of the continental power embodied in railroads, canals and industrial development.

Unable to confront its enemies militarily, the British have endeavored to demoralize, exhaust and redirect enemy populations in a long war of attrition known as the Fabian Strategy. Key in the strategy has been the employment of anti-nationalist economic doctrines disguised as radical “populism”.

The propaganda of the early 20th century seems anachronistic today, but its ripples still radiate, pushing truth-seeking minds like paper boats away from the safe harbor of imperialism’s only true enemy.

As William Blake, pre-Fabian and spiritus rector of British propaganda, wrote, “I will not cease from mental fight, / Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, / Till we have built Jerusalem / In England’s green and pleasant land.” Continue reading